The Most Comprehensive List of Resources for Kid Writers on the Net!


KID-FRIENDLY Research Websites and Search Engines: Rachelle's Super-duper RESEARCH RESOURCES for kids, including government, science, history, biography, and the arts.

·         Aaron Shepard's Young Author Page 
·         Blue Zoo Writers:  Blue Zoo is an online learning site for emerging writers.
·         Book Making Activities
·         Book Trust: writing tips for teens.
·         ChixLit  Literary 'zine by and for girls (ages 7-17).
·         *Genna's World   A site launched by a ten-year-old that provides young writers with a place to publish their writing, join in collaborative stories, provide book reviews and more.
·         Go Teen Writers: encouragement, honesty, and community for teen writers.
·         * is a safe, FREE place for kids who like writing and are 14 and younger. Read the stories, poems, and non-fiction members (kids) have published.
·         Scribblitt: Kids Self Publishing site (stories and illustrations)
·         *Scriptito's Place  Places for young writers to publish/post their work, plus information on writing skills, contests, resources, illustration information, workshop, etc. 
·         Small But Mighty Writers: Creative writing site for young writers ages 7-15. 
·         *Teen Central: Anonymously write out your feelings, no matter what the subject matter. Monitored by trained staff ; sponsored by KidsPeace, an org dedicated to helping kids in crisis.
·         Teen Ink: For teen writers and artists. Mag, website, & books written by teens.

·         Teen Writers Club: Place to share your writing. Free Membership. CONTESTS.
·         Teens Writing for Teens: A community of young adult fiction authors
·         WriteGirl  Pairs girls in grades 9-12 with practicing writers through monthly workshops. 
·         Write the World  "An online global community for high school publish their work and refine their craft through the establishment of a regular writing routine, an attention to revision, enter free writing competitions, and access to quality feedback both from experts in the field and the wider Write the World community." 



·         Blue Pencil   The magazine seeks to publish the best of literary work by young writers (12–18) around the world. Also offers a scholarship prize (click "The Bishop Prize"). 
·         Crashtest Magazine: writing contests twice a year
·         Figment contest page
·         HUNGER MOUNTAIN: Annual writing contest for high school kids
·         Kay Snow Writing Contest Guidelines for grades 1-12  No entry fee for student writers--scroll down to "Student Writer" section of guidelines 
·         Launch Pad online magazine (not accepting new admissions as of 11/17) publishes the works of young authors and illustrators between the ages of 6 and 14. Welcomes submissions of unpublished stories, poems, and book reviews, as well as applications from potential illustrators. NOTE: This site claims to "retain the copyright" of published works, which could mean that the author no longer holds the copyright. 
·         Merlyn's Pen  A literary magazine for and by young writers. 
·         Movellas    A community where young writers (primarily teens) can publish stories and poetry and get feedback. It offers a number of competitions, forums and a blog. It can also be accessed through an app.
·         NewPages Young Authors Guide
·         One Teen Story: Magazine by and for teens 13-19. Submission guidelines, writing contests.
·         Parallel Ink submission guidelines: online magazine publishing poetry, narratives, and essays by students ages 12-18 around the world. 
·         Poetic Power   Free contests in poetry and fiction writing and is judged by teachers and educators. 
·         Read Write and Imagine    Read stories by other teens and post your own. 
·         Rookie Magazine: online magazine and book series. Publishes writing, photography, and artwork by and for teenagers.
·         Scriptito's Place  Places for young writers to publish/post their work, plus information on writing skills, contests, resources, illustration information, workshop, etc. 
· Create your own books and share it online
·         Sweet Designs Magazine  Written by & for teen girls & young adult women, ages 13 - 25.
·         TEEN INK submission guidelines for ages 13-19  A monthly print magazine, website, and a book series all written by teens for teens. There are over 16,000 pages of student writing on this site. 


·         Students of the World
·         PenPal World
·         International Pen Friends


·         Resources for TEEN WRITERS (Yvonne Ventresca's site). Interviews with editors who publish teens and young writers, other potential places to send your writing, advice from authors, books and resources about writing, plus more!
·         Resources for Teen and Pre-Teen Writers and Their Teachers-writing prompts, publishing opportunities (Heather E. Wright) Guidance, inspiration or prompts. It offers resources for teens and younger writers (including prompts), market information, and tips on teaching creative writing.  
·         Story Mapping:  resources for parents and teachers   An interactive online writing guide - Helps create characters, setting, conflict, & resolution
·         Create your own comic strips!  
·         500+ Fun Words for Kids (Tara Lazar)
·         SHOW vs Tell: a lesson



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